A guide for women who are going to a gynaecologist for the first time

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As a girl, you will experience so many physical changes during adolescence and early adulthood. And, you might feel awkward with what’s taking place in your body. Now, the best way to understand these changes and eliminate those jitters away is to visit a gynaecologist Mitcham women go to.

Gynaecologist Mitcham

If you are a young lady who is contemplating your first visit to a gynaecologist, here are things to remember to set your mind at ease and prepare yourself beforehand:

  • Schedule your visit properly.

When you decide to visit a Mitcham gynaecologist, you should set your appointment accordingly. As recommended, you should schedule your visit to take place during the middle of your menstrual cycle. During such time, your breasts are not as swollen, making it easier for the doctor to conduct exams and mammograms.

  • Prepare to answer some basic questions.

The gynaecologist in Mitcham will ask you about your family history, your previous medical history, and past surgeries if you have undergone some. So, it is best to gather documentations of such information for a seamless process.

They will also ask you to remember your first period and tell them what it is like. How long did it last? Were your cycles regular? Be prepared to answer these questions.

Also, they might ask if you are sexually active or not, so be honest. No need to fret because anything you say will be kept private.

  • List a set of questions to ask the doctor.

On the other hand, you should also feel free to ask any questions you may have for the doctor.

So, think ahead about these questions and write them down on a list, so they will be easier to remember.

Some of the most important topics you might want to ask about include birth control methods, regular/irregular periods, common infections, and mood swings amongst others.

  • Be prepared for physical examinations.

During your visit, the gynaecologist Mitcham will require you to undergo some physical examinations, first. So, prepare to go to the laboratory for urine and blood sampling, blood pressure measurements, and other tests.

Also, remember that things might get awkward during the actual check-up with the gynaecologist. For example, you might be asked to undress or left in a room for a while. And, the doctor might perform some procedures that feel invasive.

Do not worry; these things are naturally part of your exam. They are necessary to keep you in the best of health.

The doctors and the nurses will do their best to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

  • Remember the things to avoid before your check-up.

Like other medical tests, there are things that you should avoid before visiting a gynaecologist. These can include sexual intercourse, having a vaginal douche, or putting anything, like tampons, into your vagina a few days beforehand.

  • Be neat before you visit the clinic.

Of course, you should be clean for the check-up. Make sure you had a shower and wear comfortable clothes.

Final note

You should know that it is very important to take care of your health as a woman, and visiting your gynaecologist on a regular basis is an essential part of it.

The gynaecologist and their staff will do their best to make sure you understand the changes in your body and feel as comfortable with them as possible. And, they will ensure that your every visit will not be a daunting experience.

Now, to find gynaecologist Mitcham women trust, you should visit drhemagrover.com.au.

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