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Choosing the right recycling bins office spaces use nowadays will give your business a lot of benefits. Aside from improving your corporate waste disposal strategy, this also makes it easier for the rubbish haulers to segregate recyclable materials.

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Here are tips on selecting the right recycling bins for your office:


An office waste bin should be in the right size. If you have one that is too small, your waste would spill. On the other hand, if you have one that is too large, you will be wasting space. You would not reach your capacity before the haulers collect your rubbish.

So, before you buy your recycling bins, determine how much rubbish your office produces and when the haulers pick it up.


You should determine the number of streams (the types of waste you have) into which you will be dividing. To give you an idea, the most common streams offices produce today are:

  • 2 streams, which include beverage containers and waste
  • 3 streams, which include beverage containers, paper, and waste
  • 4 streams, which include metal, glass, paper, and waste
  • 5 streams, which include metal, glass, plastic, paper, and waste

Based on these information, you will know which recycling bins office spaces use are right for you.


After you have determined the number of streams your office produces, then you will know how many compartments your rubbish containers should have.

Functionality and Ease of Use

Recycle bins office spaces use today should not just be receptacles that sit around and take up space. They have to serve their functions effectively to make your waste recycling programme better.

Also, they should be easy to use. They should have wheels, so you can handle them easily during pick-up. Click here EcoBin


Just like any device or equipment in your office, your office bins recycling containers should be of high quality to last long. After all, they are still an investment you have to make for your business.

The least expensive option that you can have is one made of plastic. However, plastic bins would not be so environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for greener options, you can choose those that are made of recyclable plastic or stainless steel. Though they are more expensive, they are more durable and looks good in your office too.


It also pretty handy if you can customise the labels of your rubbish containers based on the recycling programme you have for your company.

For example, a bin on which you can add some particular text or graphics will prevent your employees from throwing incorrect recyclables into it.

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The success of your corporate waste recycling programme often depends on what type of bins you have. Capacity, streams, and other factors listed above should be considered when purchasing recycling bins office spaces use these days.

Of course, you should also buy from the most trusted recycling bin providers in your area.

On that note, you can check out Ecobin. The company supplies quality recycling bins to schools, universities, offices, and government buildings in Australia.

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Why waste segregation is important when starting a…

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Recycling is never truly recycling if carried out carelessly. For instance, were you notified that unsuitable soft plastic recycling can damage a recycling machine?

Do not allow your one minor act of negligence mess things up. There are certain suitable ways to recycle or even starting a compost bin for your kitchen.

Here are some ideas for recycling correctly:

  1. Distinguish between soft and tough plastic.

Plastic recycling has a requirement: never throw in just any plastic into the “plastic” bin. Learn methods to differentiate between soft and hard plastic.

Soft plastic items are those you can fold into a ball. Soft plastic debris is also dangerous to recycling devices because they cause malfunctions.

An essential option here is getting a bin, like a kitchen area waste bin, for preferable recycling and reusing.

  1. Use the ideal container.

Stop being sluggish and discover how to segregate when recycling and starting a compost bin. Do not simply stuff various types of rubbish into a garbage can.

Thinking all these plastics are all appropriate for recycling and expect the collectors to sort out them are never ever genuine alibis. Sorting out the improperly matched scrap in containers wastes a lot of time.

Do the proper practice and cut the recycling factory some slack. Put plastic wastes on a different bin and put your food scraps in a kitchen bin. This is a practice you need to learn when starting a compost bin either in your home or office.

  1. Assist to save space in the landfills.

It is crucial to recycle with this purpose in mind. At any time you are recycling or joining a reusing solution, continuously remember the objective of keeping some space in your garbage dump. One way to do so is to learn more about the waste hierarchy. Visit us at EcoBin

Here’s a purchased list of the most to least favoured alternative to spare landfill space:

  • Minimize — Minimize produced materials’ waste.
  • Recycle — Aim to recycle or reuse objects like fabric lug bags.
  • Upcycle — Use your old products to make brand-new and practical products.
  • Dispose of — Send your trash to landfills.
  1. Know the ideal things to recycle.

Not all wastes can be reused or reprocessed. Any broken things such as bowls, glasses, mugs, or drinking tumblers must not be put in recycling wastebasket.

The most recyclable products are plastic containers, tin cans, plastic containers, aluminium, paper, and cardboard boxes.

Keep in mind to put food wastes in their corresponding bins, such as kitchen compost bins in your home or office.

  1. Recycle your unused electronic things.

Most disposed e-waste lands in garbage lots. Worse, a number of those e-wastes are concealed inside cardboard boxes.

Cardboard releases dangerous methane by the time it rots. Another destructive result is the expedition for more land to store in those e-wastes.

You can spare landfills and reduce the volume of e-waste by carrying out the “1-2 rule”. For every brand-new item you get, you should recycle two to-be-disposed items.

Recall this each time you order all new innovations similar to smart devices, mice, or charging cables.

  1. Organize recycling endeavours.

Who states recycling cannot be enjoyable? You can put the enjoyable into recycling by carrying out month-to-month endeavours with your relatives and friends.

Mark your calendars for a regular monthly collecting of unused things in your home. Organise them. Put these into their specific recycling cans, like a paper bin, soft plastics bin, or food bin. It would help if you put up office paper recycling bins free for everyone to use.


Reducing, reusing and recycling are the optimum ways to conserve our all-natural and synthetic materials. You can not refer to it as recycling if you’re doing it wrong. Start joining campaigns on why should schools recycle or why office spaces must have dedicated compost bins.

If you wish to purchase a set for your work area or home, check out instantly.